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  • 1859
  • When Worlds Collude
  • Fred Worden: "...modern masters at mid-career"
  • The After Life
  • Here
  • Everyday Bad Dream
  • Throbs
  • North Shore
  • Time's Arrow
  • One
  • REVIEWS of Fred Worden Films:

    Time Out "Onion Soup" on 20th Onion City Film Festival, Chicago. -- Ben Kenigsberg Issue 173: June 19, 2008.

    Fred Worden’s “The After Life” brilliantly records activity in a mall from a mostly fixed vantage point, making use of superimposition to suggest customers’ comings and goings (and imbuing the shopping experience with a sense of ghostliness). As a movie that makes a mall seem like alien terrain, it might well constitute the festival’s mission statement.

    The After Life