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  • REVIEWS of Fred Worden Films:

    THREE DAYS OF MoMA Posted by dannybirchall on June 5, 2006

    Still somehow unable to find anything useful to do in midtown on a Saturday evening, and with a jointly unerring sense of direction that leads us right back to exactly the same place outside the Rockefeller Plaza that we couldn't find anywhere to eat the previous day, by eight o'clock we're back in Titus Theater 2 for the third night in a row, to watch an intriguing programme of films made at CalArts in the seventies. It begins with Jack Goldstein's object-concentrating colour films, some as simple as a dog barking or a knife changing colour. Chris Langdon & Fred Worden's Venusville substitutes a conversation about a palm tree for anything interesting happening to a palm tree. But the absolute standout is Fred Worden's Throbs, in which found footage of circuses, fairgrounds and car crashes are repeated, distorted and layered, brought to the point of destruction and then back again, recoalescing to a hypnotic, looping and crescending soundtrack.